about mercurialan999el

999 is an angel number that signifies completion and new beginnings.

mercurialan999el is an acknowledgment of the completion of my lost self and the new beginning of coming back to myself. The number 9 is my favorite number as an, October 9th baby, and the angel number feels right.

  1. (of a person) subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.
  2. (of a person) sprightly; lively.

My love for astrology blossomed in middle school, when I stumbled upon the concept of birth charts. As a personality quiz enthusiast, I excitedly pored over the details of what being a Libra sun, Aries moon, and Taurus rising entailed. Now imagine my horror when the birth time on my birth certificate was not the same one my mom, a meticulous Virgo moon/Capricorn rising woman, wrote in the journal she had detailing my birth and infancy. I found out that I'm actually a Gemini rising, a mercury-ruled sign.

It's funny how things like this don't really matter in the grand scheme of things but also means the destruction of an inner world. My Virgo rising bestie and I solemnly agreed that Gemini fit too well with how I show up in the world. As melodramatic as it sounds, the rebirth after 15 years of thinking I was a different rising sign felt like coming home. Things clicked into place.

Change is inevitable as you grow older, and unfortunately, sometimes that means changing into someone you don't recognize. My journey into adulthood was filled with efforts to find my community and losing who I was in the process. It meant forgetting to create things out of joy, just as I did back then in the summertime avoiding Arizona's heatwaves.

Coming back to myself, I found, meant returning to who I was and what I loved when I was 12. As a pre-teen, hot summers were spent indoors either crafting or browsing on the internet. Doing the latter, I discovered the amazing world of pixel art, customized sites, and Neopets. Neopets helped me develop my HTML/CSS skills, and Teahouse MB, a now defunct kawaii-themed message board, encouraged me to create digital art in the form of pixels and computer graphics (CGs) using MS Paint and a torrented version of Photoshop, respectively. With the encouragement of this community, I made multiple websites on Freewebs or being hosted by a friend on their own website.

Hence, the creation of this website. It's coming home and remembering what makes me, me.