04.09.24: added a book to my bookshelf and added a bg and header font to the knits page

03.22.24: completed march playlist

03.20.24: knit page is up, but still working on adding my projects

03.13.24: new journal entry

03.08.24: set up baking page and added one dessert! added custom cursor and favicon , set up besties page for some cool links!

03.07.24: implemented modal image feature in the journals page

03.05.24: added secret page (hint: for your viewing pleasure, click the icon) and posted my first journal entry!

03.03.24: added feature to change the background color or image, created and added buttons to side bar

03.02.24: completed what's in my bag page, added music player in sidebar

03.01.24: added pets page and mood box

02.29.24: created playlist page

02.27.24: launched mercurialan999el v1!

02.26.24: completed writing blurbs for the home and site pages, added responsive angel gif

02.25.24: finished bookshelf page

02.22.24: edited styles.css, bullet point and header customizations

02.21.24: layout overhaul, added navigation collapsible buttons, updated updates box, changed "currently listening" box to chartreuse

02.20.24: edited 404 page

02.07.24: created a dress up game starring Fristopher

01.30.24: finished link tree dupe: links page

01.22.24: added div images from fool lovers sozai site

01.22.24: created pages and ko-fi

01.21.24: created mercurialan999el